on creativity

What Ken Robinson has to say about Graduation Speeches.

What Graduation Speeches Should Say but Don’t | TIME.com

an excerpt:

"An essential step in finding your element is to understand your talents, and this is where education so often goes astray. Schools often overlook the diversity of students’ talents because they’re typically focused on a very narrow view of academic ability. Students sit at their desks all day writing, calculating or doing low-grade clerical work. So-called nonacademic courses — in the visual and performing arts, physical education and many practical and “vocational” subjects — have much lower status. Consequently, students who come to life in these nonacademic subjects often find that their particular talents are marginalized or denied."


my comment:

The arts are integral to human civilisation. Even though we may be neglecting them at our peril, according to the almighty KR, however, the irony of his argument is that the creatives always seem to find a way to shine through the cracks, no matter what their childhood circumstances. In fact there is also evidence to show that a dull, uninspired and even tough childhood do lead to a later expression of creativity.  I guess, no matter what education system we design, there will always be children it won’t fit. I guess, the real talent will be with the teachers, in talent spotting.

Anyway, it’s an interesting subject.. i’ll think some more on this.