On chocolate

Just don't buy any. Easter and chocolate? This is one celebration that is out of touch with our modern times. 

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Approximately 50% of products on supermarket shelves contain palm oil, and chocolate is a key player in the use of palm oil.

I was born into a Jewish-Athiest, Anti-Consumerist family, so Easter was never really a big deal for me anyway. The only chocolates I received at this time were from friends at school who felt sorry for me. This used to upset me, I mean as much as any kid deprived of chocolate would be upset, but now after learning about what is in chocolate and the method of getting it's ingredients such as Palm Oil (and also after learning what all this chocolate does to my thighs) I have decided that no chocolate at Easter is actually great! 

However, for many of you who do not come from such a religiously confused background as I do, Easter chocolates are a must!