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Current focus:
Doctoral research:  Research, analysis and development of new solutions in nutrition communication at AUT University.

Nutrition awareness plays a significant role in maintaining population health. A lack of awareness can contribute to poor food choices which may impact health adversely and contribute to obesity. In reaction to the increasing prevalence of obesity, globally as well as locally, this research aims to evaluate the status of nutrition communication in New Zealand; identify successes, problem areas and observe new communication channels. Furthermore it seeks to discuss improvements, innovations including the design and development of solutions.



Book title: Abundance and Apathy
I am converging experience and passion into a first book. This book has examined all areas that are related to obesity. It is the complete story of obesity from it’s origins in human evolution through to leadership in healthcare. It explores public health history, the science of obesity, diversity in cultures and societal structures; evaluates and discusses human innovation, population happiness, government politics and more. It has a strong focus on solutions, innovation and leadership.
**I have paused the writing of my book so that I may focus on my doctorate and incorporate the findings. Jan 2017



Director and Chief Communications Officer at MSA New Zealand.
MSA  is a clean-tech company offering a complete solution to the housing crisis problem as well as being entirely sustainable. MSA houses are zero maintenance, engineered to perfection, employing practical technologies and are architecturally and aesthetically engaging. 
In my role as a director I focus on functional design aspects, social policy, publicity and communications, addressing public health issues in housing and providing historical architecture & design research.

This is an incredible time for clean-tech and I am humbled and excited to work for MSA.


Applied Nutrition Policy: Working on health policy matters for a variety of private companies and NGOs. I offer an analysis of the current business looking at methods of work, optimal health conditions for employees and employer pertaining to nutrition and physical activity as well as access to fresh air and nature in order to optimise working conditions for staff and optimising performance for the company.
* Please be aware my friends that due to my current workload for AUT and MSA I have limited availability in 2017. I would still love to help you out, but my agenda this year is already quite full. 



64 21 827477



Woodcocks Rd
RD1 Warkworth 
and/or AUT City Campus
Auckland. NZ.

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I have been priviledged to work in some amazing businesses and countries namely, Japan, Switzerland, The Netherlands and New Zealand. The fields I have worked in are Hotel management, small company design business, large community health corporations, academic institutes and I have also owned and operated businesses. I am currently a director for a number of companies. My primary specialities lie in innovation and nutrition communication, business management, public health leadership and analysis.


PhD: I am currently working on my doctorate at AUT, in Auckland: Innovation in Nutrition Communication.
PGDipSci (community nutrition, public health),BBA IHM(international hotel management), BA (art history),ISAK .
I completed Hotel Management at the University Ecole les Roches in Switzerland (which also qualifies me as a chef). I studied Archeology and Art History at Leiden University, NL and my post grad Human Nutrition study was undertaken in Dunedin at Otago University during which I specialised in Sports Nutrition and Community Nutrition. Anthropometry (ISAK 1) was done at AUT (Auckland University of Technology). Doctorate, in progress.


Royal Society of New Zealand, New Zealand Nutrition Foundation, ANA, ANZOS,
Business: SBN (Sustainable Business Network) and
Internationally: UK: Oxford University, FCRN Food Climate research network and USA True health Initiative



64 21 827477



Woodcocks Rd
RD1 Warkworth
and/or AUT City Campus
Auckland. NZ.



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I am campaigning and in support of the United Nations Global Goal 3
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Please join me and my colleagues in creating a powerful global voice for action.

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